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11,111, 11:11 and twin flames

According to numerology the number 11 possesses the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and is idealistic and compassionate. ThosePEOPLE who are drawn to 11, operate on a different level of energy than most, and when two people come together who both have this type of energy it’s almost combustible.
11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, our soul and our inner intuition. It’s serving as a wake-up call to us so that opportunities are not missed in this lifetime. Seeing this particular sequence means that the universe is trying to have us open our eyes and begin paying more attention to the synchronicities around us.

Seeing 11:11 also is a sign of experiencing accelerated soul growth, which means that we may soon be finding ourselves living theLIFE we had previously only thought about. Our inner world is changing and we may findPEOPLE and events coming unexpectedly into ourLIVES—but at just the right time.

Many of us sometimes believe we know better than the universe––but the universe won’t ever bring us anything we aren’t ready for, and the truth of it is, readiness is just an illusion anyway. No one can really ever be ready for anything. We only have to have faith that everything happens for a reason, and that it will all work out exactly as it is meant to.
When you see the number 11:11 on the clock, repeatedly and you are seeing more and more sequences of 11, 111, 1:11 this is telling you to #1, pay attention. Once you recognize that this is happening and you see that it is synchronicity, this occurrence can serve you in greater ways. It will serve as a confirmation to you that you are on the right path and that whatever it is that is before you is important for you in some way. Make note of it. You pick up a book and look down at the clock and it says 11:11. Or you flip the page open and the page is 111, it is a sign!! Because there is so much ebb and flow with the twin flameUNION and so many issues to cause doubt, the number 11:11 shows-up as a representative of confirmation that also has to do with the Twin Flame Union. You hear a name or a song and you look and it’s 11:11. It will happen and that is the Universe trying to make it a little bit easier for us to believe. That what we are going through is actually a journey with our twin flame union.
 Understanding with this union more of our selves and learning unconditional love. Twin Flames are an esoteric concept that describes a unique soul connection between two people. Twin Flames are considered to be an example of an eternal type of relationship between two lovers.
The thought behind Twin Flames versus Soul Mates, is that we are beginning a new era in human evolution where relationships will begin to highly enhance the spiritual growth between lovers. Our lovers won’t just be someone whom we love or who fits into our lives—they will be someone that makes us want to become a better person.
According to the mythology of Twin Flames, in the beginning of time we were created from one source of energy and that was split into smaller and smaller units until they were down to just two souls. These souls would journey to Earth to learn and experience duality and the lessons of life, and they would reincarnate over their lifetimes with this same intensifying longing for each other.
Twin Flames are a higher frequency than just Soul Mates because they are the ultimate example of the Yin/Yang. They are each two whole individual souls on their own, but they complement, understand and connect in a very unique way. They are also called Tunnel Mates, because they emit the exact same frequency of vibration, which Account for a strong feeling of energies when they are physically around one another.
If you’ve ever had someone in your life that you can’t quite describe the connection with, then there is a strong chance this person is your Twin Flame. When we meet our Twin Flame in our current life there will be a high level of comfort, intimacy, understanding of each other and a sense of peace and complete Love—it’s the feeling of returning home. Therefore in the process usually (but not always ), Personal issues rise up to each twin as well for complete healing because twin flames are the exact mirror of each other and  feelings of fear, anger, abandonment etc arise in order to heal them completely and serve their purpose on Earth Together. Its the person in our lives that eventually with them we become better people. 
Soul Mates can be brought into our lives in platonic friendships, or those who are meant to help change our lives––we may have 10 different soul mates we experience in this lifetime, but there is only ever one Twin Flame.
The most important thing when we see 11:11 is to pay attention to the signs we are being given, our dreams that we are having and, of course, to always make a wish.
11- The basis represents Awakening. This is what happens as a result of Twin Flames coming together, no matter the stage involved. As soon as you meet, awakening results.
Placing two 11 next to each other as 1111 or 11:11 doubles this number and adds the power of 2, which is duality and Union. Representing the Twin Flame Union. As you can see, there is also present, the power of 4, which represents a solid foundation. As we know, the Twin Flame connection is solid and cannot be broken. So, when you see this number, 11:11, Give it your attention. Take it as a hint or a sign. Rise Up

The General and important meaning of these numbers in order to understand our path is a message to be mindful of our thoughts at that moment. Because our thoughts and desires are manifesting into our physical reality, and what we give our attention to, manifests, so it is better to think and feel only what we want and what makes us feel good inside of us. 
There are cases where twins meet and have interaction and relationship together at first, and when/if the "problems" arise then one or both of the twins start noticing the signs that the universe sends in order to stay calm and connect with their true selves and source. 1111 and maybe other numbers comes to them as a reminder that they are safe on the path even though things seems troubled. That things will get fixed and better between them and their lover, that they will get back to harmony and union. The negative energy that arise in them and between them is just a process of healing, and if twins get separated, eventually.. no matter what, they will get back together. It is a soul calling which can only be seen. 



Anonymous said…
Amen! So true! it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN!
Anonymous said…
That means reunion? 11:11
Yes. This number can signify the reunion. In general this means that we are moving in _or towards_ higher frequencies and the connection we have with an open portal between us and the universe, God , Higher spirit. It is the realization we have as cocreators with God. Therefore this means the reunion with our twin flame, with our love. With my own experience and research so far the best anyone can do when they see the numbers is to focus on their soul and connect with their Angels and ask them anything. And they will find the way to answer you so you notice them and understand them. It is a great path of Love 🌻😇
Amen. I would love to see any opinions and views on this concept. 😃
I would love to see others opinion on this as well. 😃 since many people share this experience now days.
Unknown said…
My Twin Flame has been running and I have been seeing 111, 222, 555 lately....daily now. I went to tarot readers to explain a lot of stuff and all but one reader saw this person returning for our happy-ever-after in the coming months.
Anonymous said…
I met my twin flame 12/13/15. It would take a novel to explain what happened and what i experienced. I knew NOTHING about twin flames. In fact, the encounter left me so shaken, that's how i found out about twin flames.I was working as a waitress at a pancake House and earlier that morning I felt a strange electricity in the air and asked if anyone else felt it too. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts. At this poibt, I told God that whatever he had planned for me, I would graciously accept. As I was walking to a table, I heard inside of me "sugar". I was very confused and as i passed a table before the one I was going to, a man (who I hadn't made eye contact with yet) said "ma'am can I have some sugar?" I stopped dead in my tracks, and said "what did you say?" He said "sugar. Can i please have some sugar?". That's when our eyes met and I felt like I "knew" him and immediately said "oh my God, you can see me can't you??" Most ppl would've called me insane, but his response was "yes I can, and I know you see me too." During the meeting, it was like time stood still and the activity of the restaurant was blurry. It was as if it was just him and me. We both felt like we were speaking to the opposite sexes of ourselves. I felt like I was home. By the end of the meeting, I thought we had talked for twenty minutes, turns out it was 3 hours! Before he left, he looked me in my eyes and said "we will meet again" and he kissed me and left. He gave me his number, but it wouldn't work for whatever reason and I finally found him again. I sent him a fb friend request but it took too long for him to respond so I rescinded the request. I now realize that this was the catalyst to me awakening. I was the chaser, he was the runner. Weird thing is, he lives in my city and kooking for him is like looking for Waldo. I understood recently that we cannot have a relationship right now, but I think the experience was sent to wake me up and show me things about my own life and path, and about the grand Design of Everything.It has. More than anyone will ever know....this encounter launched me on a path to self discovery and healing i never thought was possible. I feel that he was put there as a warning to me.
Elodie said…
This is my story... the 11's were amazing!! It's just so remarkable to see so many people experiencing this.
Unknown said…
What u wrote is amazing...I use to talk to this gal for 6 hrs straight wait for the sunrise.
And it felt like just minutes
Unknown said…

Thanks for this information. It helped me a lot !! Astrology Scholar

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